FLY! - a physical life experience with one leg, one prosthetic leg and two crutches


How much does the narrowing of our base of support influence our physical and mental stability? What’s it like to reach a certain limit? How do we face new possibilities, options placed before us? How do we deal with searching for, discovering and exploring a path that may be unusual, but possible? By changing our prevailing stereotypes?
A solo dance performance by choreographer, performer and physiotherapist Markéta Stránská highlights the fact that every divergence offers enriching opportunities and unique avenues, both physical and mental. Every impediment is an occasion to wake up our creativity, playfulness and imagination.



  • Thu 2/7 performance - Inkluzivne Scene festival FLY! Rijeka (CRO)
  • Tue 11/8 NU Dance Festival 2020 FLY! Bratislava
  • Fri 14/8 KoresponDance Festival 2020 FLY! Žďár nad Sázavou Estate
  • Fri 14/8 KoresponDance Festival 2020 FLY! Žďár nad Sázavou Estate
  • Tue 6/10 performance FLY! Divadlo PONEC
  • Thu 10/6 performance FLY! Moving station Pilsen (CZ)
  • Fri 3/6 performance FLY! Tanec Praha Festival - Regional Section in Ústí nad Orlicí



  • Performing, choreography: Markéta Stránská
  • Music: Jan Kratochvíl
  • Light design: Zuzana Režná
  • Costume and set design: Monika Urbášková
  • Graphic design: Tomáš Bárta
  • Production manager: Srdcem zapsaný spolek, z. s. ( Andrea Švandová, Markéta Stránská), Radmila Krásenská


Supported by:
Ministry of culture Czech republic, Nadace život umělce, Nadace Charty 77 – Konto Bariéry and city Hradec Králové

Co-production: Studio ALTA

Partners of the project:
Centre for choreographic development SE.S.TA
French Institute in Prague
Drak Theatre and The International Institute of Figurative Theatre
Společenské centrum Trutnov UFFO
Centrum nezávislej kultury Záhrada